Friday, November 27, 2009

Monkey Sock Monkey

UCU - What is your business and when did it form?

MSM- My business is making sock monkey kits. It formed when I sent a friend a year's supply of sock monkeys - each month's monkey was eagerly anticipated by the neighborhood kids, and then they started asking how to get them. So we started making kits so that everyone
could make their own monkey.

UCU - If you could have a super power what would it be?

MSM - Unassisted flying.

UCU - Favorite holiday memory?

MSM - When I was very little I got up before Christmas morning and was
looking at the night sky over our barn, and I saw Santa's sleigh and
his team of reindeer. They were small and pretty far in the distance,
but certainly unmistakable.

UCU - Will you have a special $5 item for UCU's anniversary?

MSM - We'll be offering pairs of our custom stripey socks for $5. They
are a kids' large.

UCU - Got any new items you will be showcasing at the show?

MSM - We just came out with a new pink monkey kit (we had orange and blue
before) and with any luck we'll have our new stripey green Sockodile
kit out as well.

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