Friday, April 17, 2009

Craft Show Vending A - Z

A fresh, comprehensive guide to contemporary craft shows. With "Why vend?" as our starting point, we will take you through all aspects of the process, including finding and assessing potential shows, best practice for applying, display techniques, show time survival and more.

Moxie is an artist with years of experience selling her work in large and small venues along the west coast. With obsessive attention to organizing and a rare talent for interpersonal communication, Moxie is also the President and Director of Vendor Relations for Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle's largest indie craft show, now in its 5th year.
Made by Moxie

Kristen Rask sold her first piece of craft at 5th grade summer camp and she hasn't stopped since. With her vast experience as both a craft show seller and an organizer, Kristen's passion for all aspects of the craft world only gets bigger. She is the owner of Schmancy, Director of Public Relations and Marketing of Urban Craft Uprising, and is co-creator of Grassroots Business Association.

Call for Crafters- Seattle

The Art Of Comedy- Call for Funny Artists & Crafters

Call for Funny Artists, Funny Crafters or Comedians Who Make Crafts

We have space for 8 more Crafters this month to vend with us at a new event in Seattle co-produced by The Urban Craft Uprising called The Art Comedy.

You must use humor as a theme in your work or be a comedian, Have $10 for the round 24 inch table space, and be ready to bring your funniest Merchandise on May 7th to set up at 5pm and run your table until 9pm. If you would like to show in a future first thursday Art of Comedy- Don't be shy- Just shoot me an e-mail with the month you'd like to be included. This is a monthly event falling always on first thursday April through December.

Please let me know if you would like to vend with us. And if not this month- Let me know if there is a future month you'd like to put dibs on. DIBS! We'll try to come up with an equitable way to rotate vendors if there is alot of interest.

Read the press release below from last month to find out more about what the event will be like....

The Comedy Underground and Urban Craft Uprising present

The Art of Comedy
Thursday April 2, 2009

6-9 PM

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Application Deadline is approaching!

Don't forget to get those applications in soon for this summer's UCU show! Application can be found here.

We are so happy to confirm some amazing authors to this show! Jenny Hart has just let us know that she will be attending and we are thrilled! She will have a booth selling all of her amazing patterns and will be signing her books both days at our author signing booth.

Susan Beal will be up on Saturday for a book signing and will then do a workshop for a button project as she just came out with her book, Button it Up. Coming up with Susan is the lovely, Diane Gilleland signing her new book, Kanzashi in Bloom. After her signing she too will be doing a workshop from her new book.

One of the lovely ladies that started UCU, Nikola Davidson will be signing her new book with co-author Brookelynn Morris for their book, Feltique. They will also be doing a workshop both days!

Stay tuned for more!