Monday, November 30, 2009


UCU- What is your business and when did it form?

D- I started Devout 12 years ago making silly monsters that made noise and dolls with extra appendages. It worked out so well I kept with it and here I am, many years later.
I make various plush, dolls and fun accessories like scarves, pins, and aprons. Most have a little edge to them, maybe a little spooky or funny but also cute and fun.

UCU- If you could have a super power what would it be?

D- ooh, good question! I used to say the ability to fly but now it's totally super speed. Think about how many dolls I could make in a short amount of time! Wow!

UCU- Favorite holiday memory?

D-The year I got the My Little Pony Stable, ahh, it was glorious! OH, also spending every year with family and friends. I love giving gifts so I get excited every time I have the excuse to. The Holidays make it perfect because I can give everyone something, even if it's an inexpensive item.

UCU- Will you have a special $5 item for UCU's anniversary?

D-Yes, I will! I'm planning on having a couple things to offer for this!

UCU- Got any new items you will be showcasing at the show?

D-I'll have a few kits this year, tree toppers, zombie related goodies (nothing says the Holidays like zombies!) and a lot of fun, inexpensive things since I know we're all on a budget. I'll also have some pieces from recent gallery shows for those of you wanting something spectacular and even more one-of-a-kind!

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