Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glam Garb

UCU- What is your business and when did it form?

GG- My business is a sustainable clothing company. I hand-dye and embellish reclaimed vintage garments. All my creations originate from an American made recycled garment.
In my hand-dying process I mix colors to create unique shades and use recycled embellishment including lace, tulle, ribbon, rosettes, beads and yarn. I am proud to let my customers know that I have taken the time to do all the craft work for each garment myself during the past 6 years. Green design is not only my craft but my life style.

UCU- If you could have a super power what would it be?

GG- My super power wish is to be able to save all the slips from being trashed and to dye every color on the rainbow.

UCU- Favorite holiday memory?

GG- When I was 4 years old laying under the bed and too scared to meet Santa, but discovered that Santa wore Daddy's shoes.

UCU- Will you have a special $5 item for UCU's anniversary?

GG- will have a bargain basket available and there will be beautiful treasures for unbelievable prices.

UCU- Got any new items you will be showcasing at the show?

GG- Every season I introduce a new line and chose 4-5 different colors and add particular embellishments that uniform the new collection. All the garments are one of a kind, so mostly what I will have on my four racks will be new. My fabulous crinoline skirts are always the highlight of my show.

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