Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kneehighs & Pigtails

UCU- What is your business and when did it form?

KP- We make shiny bits that don't murder your pocketbook-unless you buy LOTS of them.. We formed in 2005 (I believe) officially-but it's been an on and off thing for most of my life. It came to a point where my compulsive bead purchasing finally drove me to either stop buying them or start selling some of the creations they resulted in. It was obvious I wasn't going to halt the purchasing so here is where we ended up.
UCU- If you could have a super power what would it be?

KP- I would love to either be able to halt time or to time travel.. I think most people would agree that more than 24 hours in a day would be fantastic. If I could just pause the world and focus on creating..... I might never start it again. And time travel! Imagine the beads and bits I could haul back from earlier days..

UCU- Favorite holiday memory?
KP- My Great Gran, bless her heart, used to be an avid knitter and every Christmas she would knit us all presents. The only problem was usually it was hard to identify exactly what they were.. slippers would be misidentified as mittens.. She once knitted my mother a candle on a plate? And my mom thought it was a hat. Fortunately she made multiples of the same thing so after the first person to open theirs everyone else knew what theirs was :O) It always made for fun times.

UCU-$5.00 items?
KP- Of course! We will have cute Czech glass leaf earrings in multiple colors-and most likely some other surprises!
UCU-Got any new items you will be showcasing at the show?

KP- Always! I've been holed up in the studio for days already working on fantastic new goodies for the show!

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