Thursday, November 26, 2009

Matthew Porter Art

UCU- What is your business and when did it form?

Matthew Porter Art. I started in 2002 when my wife and I opened our venue in Capitol Hill - Bluebottle Art Gallery. I had been creating work before that time but this is when I really got into creating products with my artwork.

UCU- If you could have a super power what would it be?

MPA- Flying then I would be able to go to Hawaii whenver I wanted instead of every couple of years!

UCU- Favorite holiday memory?

MPA- My family always has always been into very big meals and basically being extravaganta at the holidays. My brother would buy 8 differnt types of ice cream and sorbet to have after Christmas dinner!

UCU- Will you have a special $5 item for UCU's anniversary?

MPA- I had not planned anything yet but maybe I'll have to think up something fun!

UCU- Got any new items you will be showcasing at the show?

MPA- I have a journal that has my Cat vs. Monkey painting on it. It's brand new so I am excited for UCU customers to get first peek!

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