Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lions and tigers and...monkey pirates?!

Interview with Matthew Porter. Matthew's art will be available at our summer show!

UCU-How did you get started with your craft?

MP-Like most other artist I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid but after University and moving to Seattle I started to get more serious. I really started my line of products when my wife and I opened Bluebottle Art Gallery ( in Seattle in 2002.

UCU- Are there specific ways you plan ahead for a show of this size?

MP-Most of my inventory is work that has my imagery on it such as t-shirts, prints, wallets so it is not neccessarily handmade by me so for example I try to make sure I get my order to the silk-screener at least 1 month ahead of time so I have a little wiggle room.

UCU-Are there any new items we will see at this summer’s show?

MP-Actually a bunch - tshirts and cloth bags with my pirate money on them and a bucnh of new prints that I had only proceed as a wall calendar before.

UCU-Any vendors you look forward to seeing?

MP-no one in particular I just love the vibe of talking to other people in the same boat as me. Crafting can be a lonely gig at times and it is nice to talk to others making a go of it as well!

To view more of Matthew Porters work check out his website

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