Friday, July 3, 2009

Texture texture texture!

Interview with Teresa from Texture Clothing. Love texture? Stop by our summer show to check out Texture clothing!

UCU-How did you get started with your craft?

T-I have been sewing for 23 years. about 9 years ago I went to night school to study pattern drafting and clothing construction, thinking that I was going to create costumes for the stage. When I graduated with a Fashion Arts Certificate, after 2 years, I went on to take one semester of textile arts classes and then (having always thought about the “marketability” of a project instead of the art…) I stopped taking classes and started to design garments, which I sold at festivals and to friends.

UCU- Are there specific ways you plan ahead for a show of this size?

T-I put the festival on our website and highlight it in an email newsletter. I try to make sure that we have at least ONE new style to tantalize our customers’ eyes…

UCU- Are there any new items we will see at this summer’s show?

T-Aha! My last answer leads into this answer…there will indeed be new styles and colours. A feast for your eyes!

UCU- Any vendors you look forward to seeing?

T-I don’t usually have time to look around at other booths. I will say that I’m always intrigued by felters + knitters…

Visit Texture Clothing's website for more cool stuff!

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