Friday, July 10, 2009

Glam Garb by Gunlis!

Interview with Gunlis from Glam Garb. Come check out more from Glam Garb at our summer show!

UCU- How did you get started with your craft?

GG-I have always had a love for my mothers Vintage Slips, and reviving garments for me is not only a craft, it also promotes a lifestyle that will sustain our planet.

UCU- Are there specific ways you plan ahead for a show of this size?

GG-I alway try to promote UCU during my other Summer events and my customers always apprecieate UCU designers who are good at their craft.

UCU- Are there any new items we will see at this summer’s show?

GG-My hand-dyed Crinoline Skirts, I mix colors in order to create new palettes that are unique and every garment becomes one of a kind.

UCU- Any vendors you look forward to seeing?

GG-Erin Macleod Designs, Allison Kline Mishmash, Estrella Soaps, Amphora Candles, Me Me Cosmetics ... the list is long!

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