Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thea Starr Designs!

Interview with artist and UCU vendor Thea Starr. Check out Thea's designs this Saturday and Sunday at our summer show!

UCU-How did you get started with your craft?

TS-I originally only made handbags & baby blankets. About a decade ago I was looking for something special for my hair for my wedding and I rediscovered tsumami kanzashi. I couldn't afford to get a big fancy one from Japan but I was lucky enough to find an old damaged one at Salvation Army and tore it apart and learned to make them on my own.

UCU-Are there specific ways you plan ahead for a show of this size?

TS-Live on very little sleep ^_^

UCU-Are there any new items we will see at this summer’s show?

TS-Yes! I'll have vintage chopstick holders made from vintage kimono, new stuff for my "$1 bucket o' love" and an array of kanzashi of course.

4) Any vendors you look forward to seeing?

TS-Always! Devout Dolls, Don't Quilt Your Day Job, Estrella Soap, Kim Sun Designs, Maluhia, Made By Moxie, Mud Flap Grrl Designs, Sam Trout, Schmancy, Texture Clothing & Ugly Baby Shower Art. AND I am super excited to see author Jennifer Worick

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