Monday, June 21, 2010

Texture Clothing Interview + Giveaway

Teresa, from the Bellingham-based Texture clothing is starting our week of Giveaways off right. Combat this cold “summer” weather with her knit mitts! Check out her soulful designs here.

An old pro at UCU, she’s been a vendor for 5 years. Texture is “clothing with a conscience” Teresa developed a line of clothes and began selling to shops and festivals, which was a different path than her intention to make costumes for theater. Very cool when success comes unexpectedly. Here are Teresa’s thoughtful answers to my questions. I loved hearing from this truly earth conscious business owner.

What sets your company apart from others who offer similar products?

We are ‘towards zero waste’ company. We recycle everything we can, even finding old boxes to ship out our orders…

I design clothing, accessories + home décor to fit into the scrap pieces that we create when we cut our clothing out. After that, the smaller scraps are donated to other local businesses in bellingham, to local schools for craft projects and to people who like to create + craft. After that, our smaller bits can be sent to bellingham’s industrial compost!

What do you like best about crafting/creating your product?

I enjoy choosing the colours for the season and for the displays. I enjoy sketching out and designing clothing that will flatter the bodies of curvy ladies. I enjoy hearing from customers how much they love the clothing and how good they feel in it. Texture clothes are meant to make women feel beautiful!

What kind of snacks will you have in your booth to survive the long but exciting hours of Urban Craft Uprising?

Raw veggies (in the form of a salad…), fruit, nuts…and COFFEE (with honey + cream).

Thanks for your time answering questions, Teresa. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful designs in July!

Comment below to be considered for these lovely gloves! Winners will be announced Friday! Woot woot!



  1. I love the Texture Clothing booth! Its always so colorful!!

  2. I actually have a friend who made gloves like these out of his socks! I have some toe socks that I've been thinking bout changing into gloves also. But these knit mitts are soo much better! Fingerless gloves rock!

  3. I love that Texture focuses on recycling. Makes my soul feel good when we help the planet and create beautiful things. :)

  4. Love these! Such pretty colors!

  5. Love seeing you at Ballard Market! :)

  6. I have made my own but think these are much cooler!

  7. Social Conscience with STYLE!!!

  8. those gloves look really cool. And would be very handy this "summer"

  9. I love the color combo's that Texture uses.

  10. I love the colorful scarves and handwarmers.

  11. I Love all of her clothing! :-)