Sunday, June 20, 2010

See Inside the Home of Slow Loris

Hi, I'm Alexa, and I'm an addict. I am a fiend for Etsy's "Get the Look: Home Decor" Storque articles. Every Sunday morning I lay in bed with my beloved iPhone, slowly waking to the day and getting more drool on my pillow as I covet the homes of other Etsy designers.

Today's article featured the gorgeous home/studio of Guemes Island artist/screenprinting duo Jessica Lynch and Arlo Rumpff. Better known to you as UCU vendor Slow Loris!

You can read the blog article here:
And be sure to check out the Flikr pool showing the project from start to finish!

To preview the sweet shirts Slow Loris will be offering at the 2nd annual Summer UCU on July 10-11. check here:

Congrats on the feature!

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