Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Instantly Famous Products

A late night blogging session to share an exciting opportunity for UCU vendors and followers who make and sell their work. Best of all, its FREE!

Sarah Shaw, an ex-handbag designer has started a new and exclusive free service that connects clothing and accessory designers to Movies and TV Shows through the costuming department. It is free and there are no strings attached. "Instantly Famous Products" is just the connector and if a designer's items are chosen to be on a show/movie they will be contacted directly by the costume dept. Sarah sends out emails to her list as requests come in from costume designers and it is up to each designer to submit their products if they are right for it.

Why free, you ask?
Great question! When Sarah started her handbag line over 12 years ago (Sarah Shaw Handbags) she didn’t have any mentors or anyone to help her. She leveraged her film connections to get her products to celebrities and used that to get sales and media exposure to grow her company. She wants to give back now to small companies to help them achieve the same success she had.

Sarah is currently a consultant and teaches women how to launch products or take their existing business to the next level. She offers this service to her private clients and wanted a way to give back to the larger community who might not be able to afford her services.

Here is the link to sign up to be part of "Instantly Famous Products"

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