Monday, June 14, 2010

Altered Designs by Tami-Interview & Giveaway!

Happy Flag Day! On this sunny day which recognizes the adoption of the American flag design, we proudly present to you an interview with summer UCU vendor Altered Designs by Tami. Tami was turned onto Altered Art while living in Alaska and now (seven years later!) she is still selling her crafts. This July's show will be Tami's debut at the Urban Craft Uprising. She will also be offering a Bottle Cap Necklace as our first Giveaway item.

UCU: What is your favorite part about Urban Craft Uprising or other large-scale craft shows?
ADBT: I love large event's such as UCU. The people that attend always know what they are attending. Fully excited
about the art's and craft movement, which is growing bigger and better than ever. The network of vendors are supportive, creative and a joy to mingle with.

UCU: What sets your company apart from others who offer similar products?
ADBT: I try to make all my pieces affordable. Providing my Bottle Cap Necklaces
for $8.00 each. I get to offer something that most people can afford. That way most can walks away from an event with a little token or inexpensive gift to give.

UCU: What do you like best about crafting/creating your product?

ADBT: I love all my watch part jewelry and wear it quite regularly. There are rarely any 2 pieces alike. I love the creative process in all my work but my Robots may be the most exciting. They all have their own personalities. One robot named Mommas Little Boy is a vintage tin from an old Mazda light bulb container. He carries miscellaneous parts with him and always has a tin type photo of his Momma in hand. Nearly all my work is from vintage bit's and bobbles giving them a unique purpose.

Thanks to Tami for taking the time to answer our questions and for offering a free Giveaway! Want to win the Bottle Cap Necklace? Leave a comment below and we will select a winner at random. Prizes can be picked up at the UCU booth at the show July 10-11.

Want to check out more from Altered Designs by Tami? Go here:


  1. I love the use of old materials! Who doesn't love that vintage look?! :) Its great that the prices are afforable, it really puts art and gifts within reach!

  2. Great designs - can't wait to see you at UCU!

  3. I just found your website and really enjoy all the new and fun things you are promoting. Thanks for the energy!

  4. holy awesome! this is beautiful. pick me for the giveaway!

  5. I'm really looking forward to seeing your stuff at UCU! I love those buttons.

  6. Thank you for all the kind comments! This will be one heck of a show to attend and I am so looking forward to providing new pieces for this show and being with wonderful people. Cheer's!