Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Down to the Wire Designs Interview & Giveaway

Sometimes something so simple as a hole in a class schedule can open a world of creative possibility. That was the case for return UCU vendor Chuck of Down to the Wire Designs. Chuck took Intro to Jewelry Design from UW to fill a gap in his schedule and found he really enjoyed working with the materials and had the much needed patience to see a project through.
So Chuck, tell us...

UCU: What is your favorite part about Urban Craft Uprising or other large-scale craft shows?
DttWD: I really like meeting and interacting with the customers. That used to be my least favorite part because I was always so self-conscious and nervous about it, but over the years it has gotten easier. It's nice to get direct reactions to my work and it is always interesting to see what people are drawn to.

UCU: What sets your company apart from others who offer similar products?
DttWD: I think I have a very refined sense of design. There are a lot of jewelers out there but my work always stands out as unique and well-made. I have been able to create an entire cohesive line of jewelry that is unique and constantly evolving without being derivative of the work of others. If you come to my booth at UCU you will see a lot of work that is unlike anything else you have seen.

UCU: What do you like best about crafting/creating your product?
DttWD: I really like the process of working with metal-- cutting it, shaping it, connecting all the parts together. Metal is a very forgiving medium to work with-- you can fix almost any mistake. Most people look at jewelry and have no idea how someone could make it-- in that way it feels like alchemy.
Jewelry is also unique in its accessibility. I often tell people that you can learn the basic jewelry skills in a day even though they may take years to master. Most people can take a one-day workshop and can be making pieces worthy of selling within a week or two. There are not many art mediums that you can say that about.

Well, thanks for answering our questions. Chuck has also given us these lovely Cupped Sterling Silver Padlock Earrings as a Giveaway! Want to win? Leave a comment below. We will select one winner at random and announce on Friday. The lucky reader can collect their new treasure from the UCU booth at the show in two weeks.


  1. I have a pair of earrings from down to the wire and I love them, they're my everyday pair. :)

    But maybe I need a fancier pair too?

  2. Truly Unique pieces - stunning.

  3. always on the lookout for great jewelry!

  4. Beautiful designs, very original! I especially love the ring and how there is design inside the ring shank as well. Vey unique!