Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HOOT Organic Baby Fashion-Interview & Giveaway!

Miniature: min-i-a-ture (noun) 1. something small of its kind
First time UCU
vendor HOOT Organic Baby Fashion brings forth styles for the adorably miniature people in our lives. Run by Suzy who began making clothes and accessories for babies 19 months ago when her daughter Sadie was born. After spending years as a designer for Nordstrom's she decided to open her own super cute dress store, Frock Shop, on Phinney Ridge here in Seattle. So Suzy...

UCU: What is your favorite part about Urban Craft Uprising or other large-scale craft shows?
HO: The variety of interesting work from talented artists.

UCU: What
is one thing you consider to be a helpful tip for having a successful craft fair visit?
HO: Have patienc
e and bring cash

UCU: What sets your company apart from others who offer similar products?
HO: There aren’t a lot of children’s designer in the show, so that helps me stand out a bit. My line is organic and handmade to a really high standard. I use a lot of original prints and fabric combinations that are eye catching and adorable.

UCU: What do you like best about crafting/creating your product?
HO: I love being in control of my own designs, especially coming from corporate design; it’s very freeing.

UCU: Is there something you are hoping to shop for, a treasure you'd like to find at this year's Summer UCU?
HO: I would like to connect with more Seattle stockists.

HOOT Organic is also participating in our Giveaway. Offering the readers choice of one adorable HOOT (baby hat) to be picked up at the UCU booth at the show July 10-11. Leave a comment below to be eligible for the giveaway. We will select one winner at random.
Check out the HOOT Organic line here:


  1. So cute, perfect to keep the sun off a wee babes face!

  2. Eeep! I would love a HOOT hat for my new baby girl! They're so sweet.

  3. OOO How cute! I am always looking for new, fun baby stores to shop at. Thanks for the info!

  4. It's hard to find cute accessories for boys-- good job! ;) I love the giraffes one.

  5. those have to be the cutest little hats and pants I've ever seen. The neutrals are fabulous; so often, the gender neutrals are boring. I'm definately getting a hat as a gift for my chiropractor!

  6. what a great gift for my friend's new baby :)

  7. I'm sure I'm too late to the game for the giveaway, but I already decided that this is a booth I will be visiting at the show!

  8. Hi Katie, you won a HOOT!
    Let me know which one you would like so I can leave it for you at the front UCU Booth :)
    You can see all the hoots on my website,