Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Manticore Interview +Giveaway

It looks like the sun has decided to make an appearance today! And even more exciting we are going to meet a first time Urban Craft Uprising vendor!

Meet Dave of Manticore. He’s a rockin’ painter and stencil artist from Bremerton, WA. His story is pretty inspiring and is work is wonderfully detailed, I’ll let him tell you all about it.

“I began stenciling on records when I was in college. I was too broke to pay new canvases and began culling out my least favorite LPs for the cause. Stenciling was just a hobby for I couple of years. Two years ago I broke my neck in a diving accident. I ended losing most of the muscles in my hands and forearms. Stenciling helped me regain those muscles and also became my sole income.”

What is your favorite part about Urban Craft Uprising or other large-scale craft shows?

I always like bartering with the other crafters at the end of a show. I've got a low of cool art on my walls I would not normally have.

What is one thing you consider to be a helpful tip for having a successful craft fair visit?

Always have a positive attitude. It is very easy to get down when sales are slow, but one customer can easily turn a whole weekend around.

What sets your company apart from others who offer similar products?

While I paint on windows and second hand canvases, the painted vinyl record is my flagship product. I make many of my stencils out of record sleeves, so there is very little that goes to waist. A lot of my subject matter are pop icons, but I really set my art apart from my competition with very colorful and intricate backgrounds. My paintings are also pretty cheap. I sell my records between $5 and $25.

Thanks Dave! Can't wait to peruse your pop art in person!

And to top everything he’s giving away one of his records, readers choice! So, leave a comment below, then get yer booty to UCU July 10-11 to pick out your awesome new art piece. Winner will be picked Friday!


  1. Repurposed Records - Awesome!!

  2. Oh boy! His stuff is super AWESOME! Mr. T, Bob Ross, Michael Jackson w/ET....

  3. Gotta love the Beatles and their Abby Road image! Woohoo, nice work!

  4. very very cool stuff! Can't wait to see his booth!