Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Secret Stash Salts Interview + Giveaway

Say that 5 times fast!
Lets meet our salty friends Janna and Joseph at www.secretsalts.com!

Where are you from?

Seattle, baby!

Right on! Briefly describe how you got started doing what you do?

Joseph and I were laid off in the summer of 2008. At the time, the circumstances that were out of our control didn't matter. What mattered most was that we were inspired to be close to a community again, and to find a sense of meaning through the world of food. We found that with Secret Stash Sea Salts and farmers markets.

How many times have you taken the vendor endeavor? Is this your first time at UCU?

This will be our 3rd time at Urban Craft Uprising. We’re so thankful to be part of such an amazing community of crafters and artisans. We feel lucky to be invited back.

What sets your company apart from others who offer similar products?

We’re passionate about where our ingredients come from and concerned with sourcing high-quality components that reflect sustainability and social awareness. We use ingredients from Seattle-area farmers markets whenever possible because we believe that supporting local farmers and small-scale producers makes a difference. The food that we eat is related to everything from our consumption of fossil fuels to the viabilities of our local economy. Our salts are also chef-driven and small batch. We’re also still just a tiny company of 2 people making and packaging everything by hand.

What do you like best about crafting/creating your product?

The best part of our day is meeting our customers.


What they are offering to you, our lovely readers, is a 3.5 ounce jar of Chorizo sea salt!
Janna says "use it to brighten scrambled eggs, potatoes, seafood, sandwiches, meat or veggies.It will save you time in the kitchen and make you a better cook." *drool*
Leave a comment below for your chance at this delicious prize! Winners will be picked at random on Friday!


  1. Damn my puffy ankles! I want this!

  2. OMG it is like a foodie dream come true. Mama wants some chorizo salt!!!

  3. I originally found these salts at UCU 2 years ago - LOVE 'em!

  4. Chorizo salt for my bbq corn on the cob:)

  5. Yum! I'd love to try this out!

  6. oh man...that looks delicious! I put salt on my salt ^_^

  7. This is perfect considering I can't cook anything but breakfast!

  8. Ummm......Yummy! So sad I didn't apply this season. Ah well, I'll come shop and apply for the December show!

  9. Wow, that sounds really good!

    The first time I read this post, I mistakenly thought the products were BATH salts and I was very intrigued as to how a chorizo bath salt would be..

  10. I would love to be a better cook...

  11. This product rocks!!!

  12. I LOVE your salts. Our favorite is the lavender one, and my mom loves to use them on popcorn. :)

  13. my boyfriend would love to win this. pick me!

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