Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tender Loving Empire Interview + Giveaway

The name Tender Loving Empire feels like a warm cup of soup on a cold rainy Seattle day (which today is not, thank you!) and learning about this awesome vendor was just as internally warming. What started as a record label, Tender Loving Empire has become an oasis for Indy craft art and music. They are one more beautiful reason to visit Portland. At 4 years old, TLE has a brick and mortar location that features their T-Shirt line, albums and the work of over 250 other independent artists and musicians. Wowee! Take a look at their Etsy store to get an idea of what you'll be seeing at UCU this summer.

We welcome you, TLE to your second time at Urban Craft Uprising!

What are you offering up to our readers as a Giveaway?

1 "Rainy Beardy City" Tee in Mens Medium. It's our Northwest tribute shirt. From one rainy city to another. If you win this shirt and would like to exchange it at our table while supplies last, please feel free to stop by and we'll get you the correct size!

What sets your company apart from others who offer similar products?

The Tshirts and Music we sell at Craft Fairs is only a fraction of what Tender Loving Empire does. TLE is a Record Label, Brick and Mortar Consignment shop in Portland, Screenprinting Shop, and Tshirt Line. All purchases made at our table indirectly help support the hundreds of other independent artists we work with throughout the year.

Is there something you are hoping to shop for, a treasure you'd like to find at this year's Summer UCU? We're always looking for new treasures for our store...the main goal is to make more than we spend...

Good luck guys!

Comment below to get your name in for this awesome shirt!


  1. oh man! my bf would LOVE the beard shirt!!

  2. classic NW! I love it! please put my name in for the drawing!
    also getting so much more excited every time you post something new for me to go see at the UCU fair!

  3. Fun! Are there sizes large enough for my guy? Sadly he's out of the American Apparel range, so it can be hard to find cute tees for him.

    Looking forward to seeing your booth!

  4. maybe if I win something for the hubs I can buy something extra for myself?

  5. Classic! That encapsulates all things I know and love about this temperamental city I've always called home. Well done!

  6. Hi Kat!

    At the moment, our shirts are only available in American Apparel sizes S-XL. Custom orders might be possible by Fall. Check back with us at www.tenderlovingempire.com then and we might be able to work something out! Thanks for liking our shirts!

  7. awesome shirt! That would make a great present for my hubby. Thanks for the chance to win!