Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wonder Thunder Interview

Wonder Thunder aka Meagan Claire Hall and Sasha Barr is a fun collection of food inspired treats such as their supercute tea towels and vegetable shopping bags. Be sure to stop by their booth at our winter show as well as check out their blog!

Pick a song that gets you in creative mood or you think would make a great addition to a "UCU Winter 2010 Soundtrack".
Wonder Thunder:
Great songs to craft to: Ricky Skaggs-Country Boy, Loretta Lynn-Fist City, Tom Petty-Rebels

What’s one thing you wish you had known at your first craft show?
Wonder Thunder:
Bring something to eat.
If you have pets, introduce them and tell us a bit about them!
Wonder Thunder:
Fatty: Ten year old grey tom cat of the streets. Found in the gutter as a kitten. Lounges on blankets as an old man. Cat food connoisseur. Biter of pomeranians. Avid singer, screamer, noise maker.
Cathy: 1.5 year old rescued fluffy rebel of the streets. Spends her time stalking Fatty and bird whispering. Paper bag obsession. Is the softest creature ever created on this mammal filled earth. Also an avid singer, she and Fatty duet the night with songs of heartache, revenge, and d-i-v-o-r-c-e.

What item are you most excited to be offering at UCU Winter 2010?
Wonder Thunder:
We're most excited to be offering our vegetable bags since we weren't able to last year. Grab a fist full and don't ever let go!

What day of show traditions are you bringing to UCU 2010?
Wonder Thunder:
The trappings of tradition: This year, we will continue to bring you the most hilarious and heartbreaking creations of usable and anthropomorphic food themed treasures.

If you could sum up your work in one word, what would that be?
Wonder Thunder:

What are you nibbling on as the snow falls this winter?
Wonder Thunder:
Paula Deen's donut hamburger, I've never done anything like this, yall!

Favorite handmade item you have? It could be made by you, gifted to you or something you picked up.
Wonder Thunder:
Memaw Hall's jam cake, made by hand every year.

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