Monday, November 29, 2010

Tender Loving Empire Interview + Giveaway

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Based out of Portland Tender Loving Empire seems to have their hand in a bit of everything. From artist collective to record label this diverse group will be heading out to UCU this year with an exciting new compilation, Friends and Friend of Friends Vol.III. One lucky follower will take home a copy free of charge by entering in our giveaway.

UCU: Pick a song that gets you in creative mood or you think would make a great addition to a "UCU Winter 2010 Soundtrack".
: You can't ask a record label that question and get a simple answer. Here's a whole list!
Some of our favorite Tracks:
"Juniper" by Y La Bamba
"Wake (Keep this Town Alive)" by Finn Riggins
"CPR- Claws Part 2" by Typhoon
"Tallest Building in Hell" by Jared Mees and the Grown Children (A very uplifting, cheerful song, despite its title)
"Hoop + Wire" by Boy Eats Drum Machine
"Monkey Play" by Gratitillium
"Opposite People" by Hosannas
(In fact, if you'd like to put our Friends and Friends of Friends Compilation in the playlist mix, we'd love to donate an extra one. DIY music at a DIY Craft Fair seems fitting to us!)

UCU: If you have pets, introduce them and tell us a bit about them!
: Our new kitten, Mabel, definitely deserves mention. We tend to have a little bit of trouble waking up in the morning to work after late nights seeing local bands around town. Thusly, Mabel has filled a much needed role in our family: the alarm clock. At the first hint of sunrise, she's up, ready to play, licking our noses and pouncing on our feet under the covers. Its hard to wake up on the wrong side of the bed when your day starts with a purring fuzzy face in your face. Thanks for the motivation Mabel!

UCU: What item are you most excited to be offering at UCU Winter 2010?
: Aside from the brand new Friends of Friends and Friends compilation that we're offering up to the UCU blog giveaway, we're super excited about our new hoodies! Both of our hoodie designs are printed on the COZIEST American Apparel hoodies to keep you extra warm during a Northwest Winter. The latest design features a Geometric Forest designed by TLE's own, Jaclyn Campanaro. Little spherical clouds drop crystal-shaped raindrops over a conical evergreen. Our Rose City Bird's Nest hoodie is back by popular demand as well. Stop by our booth to try one on and check out our other new tshirt designs as well!

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UCU: What day of show traditions are you bringing to UCU 2010?
Online, and at the Tender Loving Empire store in Portland, our CD's sell for $10 + shipping. But at UCU, we offer all of our albums on a sliding scale to help you take a chance on new music you may not of have heard of and fill stockings on a budget!

UCU: Favorite handmade item you have? It could be made by you, gifted to you or something you picked up.
Cartoon Monster's Sail Boat Automata This is the one item we will be bringing from our brick and mortar shop! Turn the crank and the little boat sails the sea! It's the perfect gift for anyone at any age. Stop by our table at UCU to see it in person.

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And they're giving this away! A copy of their new Friends and Friends of Friends Vol.III. Leave a comment and it could be yours!



  1. The designs are absolutely ADORABLE!

  2. I love the bearded tee. Must have.

  3. Support Tender Loving Empire! Their compilation CDs are only about eight dollars, I purchased one at last summer's UCU. The cover art is always so meticulous and detailed.

  4. I really enjoyed your fun designs at the summer 2010 Urban Craft Uprising! I can't wait to see your new designs.

  5. Will definitely be picking this new cd up at the show. :) I <3 your stuff!

  6. That beard tshirt is perfect for Movember! I wish you much success at the show this weekend.