Thursday, November 18, 2010

Secret Stash Salts Interview & Giveaway

Today we'd like to introduce an especially tasty vendor for UCU Winter 2010. Secret Stash Salt's award winning flavors are becoming quite well known throughout the Seattle area. Joseph Conrad and Janna Wemmer blend hand-harvested premium salts with only natural ingredients to flavor. With intriguing blends such as Almond Orange Cardamom and a tasty Bloody Mary to a savory Chorizo, food and creativity blend wonderfully. Their salts make wonderful gifts and make sure to stock up on some for yourself as well!

Secret Stash is providing their delicious Coconut Garam Masala salt as a giveaway!!
UCU: What are you nibbling on this winter as the snow falls?
Secret Stash:
In the morning, scrambled eggs tossed with chorizo salt and a cup of strong coffee. We've also been baking a lot of granola with almond cardamom salt and falling back on this gem for potlucks and parties: Coconut Macaroons with chocolate ganache, flecked with coconut garam masala salt.
The Secret is in the Salt


  1. Almond Cardamom salt? I SO have to get that. Cardamom is the bomb!

  2. Wow, these sound AMAZING! Cookies or chocolate with either of them...yum.

  3. I've heard amazing things about Secret Stash's salts, and can't wait to get some at UCU!

  4. Cardamom is a new favorite! Yum!

  5. granola with almond cardamom salt... that sounds sooo gooooood!

  6. I really wish my computer screen has smell. I can't wait to sniff in person at UCU. I wish you much success at the show this weekend!