Friday, November 26, 2010

Ladies & Gentleman Studio Interview + Giveaway

Jean Lee and Dylan Davis are Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, specializing in “good things”. They are graciously providing one of their L&G Daily Affirmation mirrors! The mirrors are one-of-a-kind vintage repurposed mirrors each with a positive phrase laser etched. L&G believes that we all need some encouragement to get ourselves through the day. The mirror is made with wood frame painted in gold. Dimension: 7" x7".

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UCU: Pick a song that gets you in creative mood or you think would make a great addition to a "UCU Winter 2010 Soundtrack".
Ladies & Gentlemen Studio: Journey- Don't stop Believing

UCU: What’s one thing you wish you had known at your first craft show?
(Or--If this is your first show, what are you most looking forward to?)
L&G: We're looking forward in seeing the response from the people attending the show, since it'll be our first time at UCU and also doing a craft show for our studio!

UCU: If you have pets, introduce them and tell us a bit about them!
L&G: We don't have a pet, but would like to get some ducks....they're the new chickens!
UCU: What item are you most excited to be offering at UCU Winter 2010?
L&G: We're pretty excited about our vintage one-of-a-kind Daily Affirmation mirrors. Also we're excited that we'll be officially launching it at UCU!

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UCU: What day of show traditions are you bringing to UCU 2010?
L&G: It's our first year, so we need to think of a tradition. But an idea to start a tradition is to make some hot cider or ginger milk tea for ourselves and whoever wants some!

UCU: If you could sum up your work in one word, what would that be?
L&G: Cleverly-nostalgic.

UCU: What gift are you most excited to give this year?
L&G: Our Chalk-It-To-Me piggy banks, since we got some friends with babies or young kids, and think they'll really enjoy the use of it.

UCU: What are you nibbling on as the snow falls this winter?
L&G: Homemade marshmallows or dark chocolate covered pretzels

UCU: Favorite handmade item you have? It could be made by you, gifted to you or something you picked up.
L&G: Our favorite handmade item as of now is our Chalk-It-To-Me Piggy banks. Essentially this product was our baby where we were part of the whole process from start to finish. It was like giving birth to it without the physical pain. We're pretty proud of the fact that we're able to materialize our ideas and actually make it work! It also has a special sentiment for us in a sense that it symbolizes the possibility of making our dream happen in pursuing our own creative studio/business!

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  1. I'm guessing we have to post to enter? :-) I love the idea and look of the affirmation mirror - the size is perfect!

  2. These affirmation mirrors are such a nifty idea, I could definitely use one! xxx

  3. I love that mirror! Seriously, it's the coolest ever!

  4. I write affirmations on my mirror at home all the time. Would love to have one that has it etched right on... Brilliant!

  5. That mirror is *incredible*. What a great idea, I hope it's super successful for you.

  6. ooh, i love that mirror! me wantie!

  7. So amazing! I'm in affirmation mode at the moment and have post-its everywhere... I will definitely be checking them out!! thanks for the opportunity! :)

  8. Ginger milk tea sounds really good. :) Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

  9. Luck, luck, luck! Can't wait to see in person. I know they're gunna be awesome!

  10. I lovelovelove L&G! Cleverly-nostalgic indeed :)

  11. Congrats! I love the creative take on the piggles bank.

  12. That mirror is perfect for those days that I can't do it. Great idea! I wish you much success at the show!

  13. Love it! Currently reading "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay, and this mirror would be perfect for my daily affirmations!