Friday, November 26, 2010

This Charming Candy Interview

Today we meet Kate and Susan of This Charming Candy. They make unusual and delicious lollipops of all colors and flavors.

UCU: Pick a song that gets you in a creative mood or you think would make a great addition to a UCU Winter 2010 Soundtrack.
This Charming Candy:
Constructive Summer by The Hold Steady. We know it's not summer, but we love that song!

UCU: What Item are you most excited to be offering at UCU Winter 2010?
Our Greatest Hits collection! We've taken the most popular flavors from all the collections we've sold and brought them together in one place! It's an easy way for customers who haven't tried our lollipops to sample the best of the best.


UCU: If you could sum up your work in one word, what would it be?
Delectable. No wait, delicious. No, um, yummy. It's so hard!

UCU: What are you nibbling on as the snow falls this year?
Kate: I've been enjoying some mulled cider with the mulling spices from World Spice. It's perfect as I relax at the end of the day in front of the television with my husband.
Susan: Honeycrisp apples from Merritt Apples in Mt Vernon - the best honeycrisps I've ever found.


  1. I love your pops! Seriously, the cardamom is amazing!

  2. Perfect stocking stuffers! And so tasty.

  3. Pistachio Marshmellow is the bomb

  4. These suckers are delish! I wish you much success this weekend.