Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet Marlo from Tote2go! and win a bag

Meet Marlo of Tote2go UCU- When did you start your business? T2G- Which one? Haha! I've been a serial entrepreneur ever since grade school, so there have been quite a few. My current favorite business of mine is: Tote2Go! - a line of reusable shopping bags made exclusively from repurposed, reclaimed and remnant fabrics. I made my first tote bag last year (2007) and debuted them at UCU last December!
UCU- What is your favorite craft supply?
T2G- Hm. That has got to be fabric. Lots and lots of fabric from curtains, duvet covers, sheets of all manner of prints. The brighter the color, the happier it makes me! I especially love finding a vintage sheet that might not make it onto another bed, but is fabulous as a new Tote2Go! Double Shopper set! Some fabric was just meant to be for carrying with and not sleeping on, you know what I mean?
UCU- Where do you sell your work?
T2G- I am excited and very proud to say that I just landed my very first wholesale account with Eat Local in Queen Anne ( Their food is some of the yummiest gourmet small-batch handmade frozen dinners I've ever had. I love that they focus on locally grown/produced organic ingredients and offer reusable containers that you can wash and bring back for more! I am so honored to feature my work's a perfect fit for my work!
UCU- What is your favorite part of doing big shows such as UCU?
T2G- UCU's customers are second to none, really. Everyone who shops there truly knows how much love and hard work it takes to make something by hand. I have to say, it is so completely refreshing to have a discussion with a customer about the *reason* I make something and not *just* the price, you know what I mean? I love UCU's customers to pieces! I can't wait to meet more of them this year!
UCU- Most anticipated "hot item" at your booth this year?
T2G- Definitely my Tote2Go! Double Shoppers! They are a set of 2 reusable shopping bags that are made exclusively from  repurposed, reclaimed and remnant cotton and cotton-blend fabrics that I find at my "local charitable organizations" (Goodwill, Value Village and the like). The best part? They *both* fold up into their own pocket with a secret wrist strap that pops out to make them ultra-portable! Super cute and functional for sure! Leave a comment here with your contact info for your chance to win a coupon to win your own Tote2go!  Redeem either day of UCU or online if you don't live in Seattle. [gallery]

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