Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet our new intern!

Ali Schiek has come all the way from the "other Washington" to intern with us for this summer's Urban Craft Uprising show. This means she has all day to go around town talking to people about the show to help make our first summer show a real hit. SO let's give her a big welcome and see why she choose to come to Seattle for UCU.

UCU- You are now in school for art. Tell us about your major and what your favorite aspects are?

Ali- I am going to be a senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design, in Savannah Georgia. I am majoring in Fibers, and am creating a woven portfolio. My recent projects include combining dying, rusting, weaving, and crochet into mixed media functional and non functional items. I really want to continue exploring media, and do some sort of installation with the forms and designs I create.

UCU- Why did you choose to come out here to intern with UCU?

Ali- After countless hours of searching the web, magazines, and talking to my professors about places to intern this summer, I bumped into UCU randomly online and felt it would be a good match. I am very social and have always been a natural event planner and networker, all of which contribute to UCU very well.
And traveling across the USA seemed like just another adventure I would love to try!

UCU- What are your goals for helping to make this show a success?

Ali- Getting more people to attend the show, of course! UCU is growing fast, and I would love to have a record high of attendants this year. Running around the city rustling up people to come is a great way to sight see as well.

UCU- What are your favorite aspects to big craft shows?

Ali- Honestly, the craziness of it all. I love watching and partaking in people crowding together buying and selling cool handmade crafts. You get great inspiration as well, and great connections. You never know who you might meet that might connect you to the job of your life, and since I am a senior I need to think about my future job career, ahhh scary!

Check out more of Ali's work at her website

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  1. welcome to Seattle Ali! You have such great enthusiasm and it will be really fun to work with you on promoting the show!!