Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet Mugwump

Meet Mugwump UCU- When did you start your business?  MW- I started making fashion accessories from reclaimed materials 8 years ago.  I was teaching elementary school and went from full time to half time teaching.  With that extra time, I started my own business, Mugwump.  Let's just say that I'm not teaching anymore.  :)  I'm so happily busy with my business that I'm proud to say, "I'm just a sub!" UCU- What is your favorite craft supply?  MW- Right now, an unwanted roll of contact paper from the thrift store!  The more retro the better!  Who doesn't love a happy little mushroom pattern? UCU- Where do you sell your work?  MW- All over Portland and select places in Seattle.  I'm also in Louisville, Kentucky.  Long story.  The place I have most of my product is at my store in Portland.  It's called Splurge.  I'm part of an artist co-op and our store has been open for two and a half years.  We share the rent and space and work days. We represent over 25 local artists.
UCU- What is your favorite part of doing big shows such as UCU MW- I love meeting people who know what to expect when they come to these kind of shows and 'get it.'  I totally enjoy seeing customers come back every year and finding out who and where they sent last years purchases. UCU- Most anticipated "hot item" at your booth this year?  MW- Ooh la la!  This year's 'hot item' just might be the billfold made from the cutest kitchen contact paper!  (see above :)  It's a larger wallet with a space for coins!  (which has probably been the most requested item) [gallery]

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