Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meet Funny fin

Meet Funny Fin UCU- When did you start your business? FF- I started my business on a whim in March 2007.  I had made some hats for our son and was pushed to start an Etsy shop.
UCU- What is your favorite craft supply?
FF- I LOOOOVE working with Fleece.  It makes anything, everything and is SO easy to work with.  Plus it comes in the best bright fun colors ever!
UCU- Where do you sell your work?
FF- and craft shows.
UCU- What is your favorite part of doing big shows such as UCU?
FF- UCU will be my first Big show.  I can't wait to meet so many different customers and see what they look like as my silly creatures! UCU- Most anticipated "hot item" at your booth this year? FF- As always, everyone loves a monkey helme [gallery]

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