Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet Chia Hats

Meet Chia Hats UCU- When did you start your business? CH- i started my business in 2001
UCU-  What is your favorite craft supply?
CH- faux fur!
UCU- Where do you sell your work?
CH- i sell my work on my website:, on etsy, at boutiques around the country, and at indie craft shows and art festivals.
UCU- What is your favorite part of doing big shows such as UCU?
CH- i love to show my work in person and meet my customers, to answer questions about my process, meet other artists and craftspeople, and to see the looks on peoples' faces when they try my hats on.
UCU- Most anticipated "hot item" at your booth this year?
CH-  in addition to my faux fur hats i will have many other awesome accessories. one of my favorites: thigh high legwarmers made from t-shirts. index-photo

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