Friday, July 2, 2010

Yet More Giveaway Winners

We've come to the end of Round 3 of our interviews and giveaways and competition for these great freebies has reached new heights! So glad to see everyone getting pumped for the show. Can you believe we are only 8 days from UCU shopping heaven?!
On to the winners...

Danger Peach necklace - Angie
Flutterbudget necklace - Alexandra
Hello Again Monsters monster - Hi, my name is Judy.
Citizen Robin ring - Fairy Godmother
Ugly Baby postcards - Diana
Laura Bucci Handmade cozies - Altered Designs by Tami
Tomonster cards - SimpleTakes
An Original by Thea Starr brooch - Devon
ShellyEtc night light - Cynthetic
Dotted Line Jewelry earrings - k a t

Congratulations you lucky devils! Be sure to stop by the UCU booth July 10-11 to claim your prize. Didn't win this round? Don't be down-hearten. We've got lots of great giveaways we will be posting through next Wednesday! Keep your eyes peeled and keep posting for a chance to win.
Get a jump on Round 4 of giveaways with Fused Glass House's pendant posted below!


  1. woo hoo!! Now to decide whether to keep it for myself, the kiddo, or the 40 something brother!